December 3, 2007: We Have a Wii Again

It is still quite cold today and we still have yesterday’s snow on the ground.  But the snow is out and it is a beautiful day.  I got paged out at five in the morning, though, which is not exactly how I was hoping to start the day.  At least it wasn’t anything major.

Oreo was off to daycare today.  We figured that with all of the rest that he got this weekend that if he didn’t go to daycare that he would be bouncing off of the walls.

Tomorrow I have to take Dominica to the oral surgeon because she is having her wisdom teeth removed.  We have been putting this off for a really long time and we really can’t wait any longer.  So Dominica is skipping her lunch and leaving work early to run to Eleven80 to pick me up.  Then it is off to Kearny for the surgery.  Then I will drive her home (if I can remember how to drive – maybe we should take a cab.)  She is only have a local anesthetic but she will still be unable to drive for a while.  Her surgery is likely to be far worse than mine was.  I had a full anesthetic and I didn’t have to witness any of it.  I just woke up without my teeth.  So Dominica is in for a really tough week.  We have no idea how she is going to answer the phones on Tuesday.

My day was much, much slower today than any day was last week.  Today was really just a normal day.  I put in so much time last week on overtime and skipping lunches to try to keep up with the workload as it came in and then with putting in several hours over the weekend keeping up with the weekend work and doing some stuff from the week it really caught me up and today reflected that.  It is nice to have calmed down a bit although I was enjoying the overtime too.  None of that today.

I ran over to Newark’s GameStop on Broad Street for the first time even though they have been open for months.  They didn’t have what we were looking for but they do have a really good selection of used games which is good to know.  I found a game for the PSP that looked interesting and I hadn’t seen before used and inexpensive so I decided to give it a try.  It is called PoPoLoCrois.  But I didn’t get a chance to even consider playing it today.  I had meant to pick up a Game Cube controller (preferably a wireless one) to use with the Wii but forgot about it once I was at the store.

Dominica got home with Oreo a little after six and we walked next door to the new deli that opened up in the building on Saturday.  This was our first time checking them out.  It is exciting to have a restaurant, although a small one, here in Eleven80.  The menu is extremely limited and has practically no vegetarian options but for us it has: breakfast all day, veggie burgers (the only ones that we can get in the area other than the Subway veggie patties which are not the same), French fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, grilled cheese, fried shrimp and tuna fish products.  The big deal is the proximity and the hours that they keep.  They also have a minuscule mart there that handles bread, milk, crackers, toilet paper, bottled water, paper towels, whip cream, and other basic items.  The selection is very small but it does provide a few things that we just can’t get easily otherwise.  And the prices are very good.  Dominica and I got a large dinner this evening (two grilled cheese sandwiches, two orders of fries, a fried shrimp basket, a big half-moon cookie and a can of soda) all for just $10.04.  That would have been an easy thirty quid in London!  So we expect that this will fall into our dinner rotation and happily it is the least expensive option so will most likely reduce our average dinner cost slightly.

After dinner we finally took the time to hook the Nintendo Wii back up – now in our bedroom. We haven’t played it in months and don’t even remember which games we have!  Dominica spent most of the evening reacquainting herself with the system and learning how to play The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess again.  She got several hours in on that game but got completely stumped at the section where you have to go fishing and get a fish for the neighbourhood cat near the beginning of the game.  She spent a lot of time there to no avail.  I tried for a while and we kept reading the manual and getting nowhere.  So I did some searching online even but we were getting nowhere fast.  It turns out that the manual, IGN and GameSpot all have completely worthless and incorrect instructions on how to fish in the game.  One of the sites that I read not only had poorly worded or ambiguously incorrect directions but was totally and completely wrong to the point that it is very likely that they never played the game at all but were clipping bits of game reviews from other people (and made the mistake and clipping some bits from a Wii review and some from a GameCube review!)  In the end it was GameFAQs that came through and saved the day.  (I will let you do your own research Mr. TooLazyToLookThingsUpForMyself.)

We played until midnight when the crew from downstairs stopped up to the apartment to pick up the futon.  Originally it was going to leave on Wednesday but the opportunity came up today so we figured that it was perfect timing.  Now we can get the area cleaned and the furniture rearranged tomorrow.  I always feel better to move ahead with a plan once a decision has been made.  I prefer action.  Once we knew that we weren’t going to keep the futon I wanted to get it out of the apartment and move on as quickly as possible.

I did some looking at the SGL stats for the past month and surprisingly, far and away the most popular post that I have written is my coverage of IP Networking on the Netgear SC101 Consumer SAN Appliance.  It is amazing how few resources exist out there for this device.

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