December 4, 2007: Dominica Gets Her Teeth Out

If you have a moment, check out the best first wedding dance ever. Thanks to Chris Purcell for that link. While we are checking out great videos, the Vegetable Orchestra is amazing. You can learn more about them at  You can find more from the orchestra on YouTube pretty easily.

Oreo was Mr. McLazybutt today and decided to sleep in until three thirty in the afternoon! Talk about a sleepy dog. He slept in late in bed, moved to his pillow in the living room for about an hour and then went to the recliner and had me bundle him all up and he stayed there all day. No walk. No food. No worries.

Now that the futon is gone we decided that we really need additional seating right away so Dominica did some shopping online.  We looked at several stores and lots of options and finally found a chair from Target that we really liked.  So far we have been very happy with Target furniture and so were quite inclined to shop with them again.   The chair that we decided on was very inexpensive too which made us quite happy.  It is expected to arrive early next week.

Our days were a little shorter than usual today because Dominica has her oral surgery tonight to have two of her wisdom teeth removed.  Two today and two more in a week from today.  She skipped her lunch break today so that she could leave early.

Dominica got home at five and we headed straight out to go to the dentist.  I had to drive which means that this was my first time behind the wheel of any car in two or three months!  It was a little strange.

It took less than an hour for Min’s surgery.  She was in pretty good shape when she was done.  We drove down to the Ironbound from Kearney and went to Walgreen’s to get her prescriptions filled.  Being in Walgreen’s there drove home why we don’t want to consider living in the Ironbound.  Not a classy area when you really get right down to it.  It was quite uncomfortable shopping there for any length of time.  Some aspects of the Ironbound are so great and some bits are just awful.

We came home and did some rearranging in the living room.  I cleaned out the area where the futon had been and moved everything out that had been there to make room for the television cabinet that we are moving there.  I moved it over and we checked it out underneath the east facing window and then tried it diagonally in the corner and realized that it was smaller than we though and would work perfectly on an angle between the southern eastern facing window and the heating unit under the eastern sourthern facing window.  It is perfect.  We are very excited now.  This is going to work out far better than we had planned.

One of the big benefits to setting everything up this way is that there will be no television actually sitting on top of the unit (which may seem a bit of a waste) but that means that the Marantz receiver can now go on top of it which is great because it really didn’t fit properly inside of the unit and was so hot that we had to take out a shelf and have the cabinet door open anytime that the system was in use and even then it was overheating.  Now it can run easily and still looks nice.  And the cabinet can hold more stuff.

So I moved the Sony PS2 and the Sega Dreamcast into the cabinet to get them put away.  This is going to make more apartment space by giving the Dreamcast an actual home instead of having it stored in a plastic bin under our bed.  Awesomeness.

Ryan surprised us by showing up unexpectedly looking for stereo system advice.  We talked for a little while in the apartment but Dominica was fading fast having taken her hydrocodone for the evening.  So she and Oreo went to bed.  Somehow Oreo is still exhausted even after having slept for the entire day.  And I went down to Ryan’s apartment with him to look at potential setups for his new stereo that arrived today.

We put in an hour or two figuring out what to do with the stereo and then settled in to some Chu Chu Rocket on the Dreamcast.  A little after midnight we realized that neither of us had really eaten all day so we ordered in a pizza and ate around one in the morning.  It was around two when I finally got to bed.

At two in the morning Dominica decided to take her second dose of hydrocodone because she was having trouble sleeping from the pain and we figured that it would be better for her to have to wait for the affects of the drug to wear off in the morning than to have her not get any sleep and be worthless all day.  After that she managed to fall asleep.

Miscellaneous Link for the day: Mean Kitty Song

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