December 5, 2007: Oops, classes have started

Dominica is feeling a little better this morning. She slept in late and went to work around ten. Oreo enjoyed the extra sleep time but went to daycare too. He will be nice and tired again when he gets home. There is a little Jack Russell Terrier named Lana there whom he really enjoys playing with but she really runs him ragged.

I made a quick walk over to Airlie Cafe for breakfast and then over to the GameStop down the street just on the off chance that they had any Wiis come in – but they didn’t. So it was off to work in the cold. Actually, it seems cold but I was still a little too warm after walking all that way. I was cold until I got halfway down Wall Street when the air got much, much warmer and my coat was a bit too much for me.

I forgot yesterday that it was my first day of winter semester and that my Project Management course had begun at RIT so I made sure to print off my syllabus and other information today so that I can get started tonight. I haven’t ordered my books yet so I have to deal with that ASAP. I am really lucky, though, that both of the “extra” books that are suggested for the class are books that I have read in the past several months – “The Mythical Man Month” and “Peopleware“. That is two courses in a row that I have already owned all or nearly all of the books for the class ahead of time.

I didn’t get to escape the office until pretty late. I hit Borders on Broadway just before they closed to pick up an old fashioned novel to read (old fashioned meaning pulp not electronic.) I bought R. A. Salvatore‘s “Homeland“. I read quite a bit of it on the ride home on the train.

I picked up dinner from McDonald’s in Newark’s Penn Station.  That is really handy and I am glad that Dominica thought of it.  That is a really nice, friendly, safe and clean McDonald’s that I feel comfortable going into (you have to be careful in Newark) and the food is good and fresh unlike the one near our house or the one that Dominica sort-of passes on her way home.  So I picked up dinner and walked briskly home so that it wouldn’t get too cold.  It was nearly eight by the time that I got home.

Dominica had been playing The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess on the Nintendo Wii when I got there but we switched to watching Are You Being Served? while we ate our food.  After that she spent the evening playing he game and I read some of my book.

I found a cool listing of the top one hundred sitcoms in the UK as voted upon by the viewing public there.  This could be a good source of new material.

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