December 9, 2007: Lazy Sunday

Today is a lazy day for the Miller household.  For some reason we didn’t get to bed until late last night.  Video games, books, D&D, etc.  It happens.  Dominica and Oreo were both awake long before me today for a change.  I slept until noon!

We took Oreo out right away for his morning walk and went to Market City right in our building for “breakfast”.  They said that the Sunday crowd is really good there being the only business in the entire downtown area that bothers to be open for all of the people living where we do.  It is  the only place that we can walk to quickly that we are aware of that has food for us on Sundays (or late evenings.)

Dominica spent most of the day playing Paper Mario on the Wii Virtual Console.  I did a bit of just “fun” reading today.  I read the rest of “Homeland” by R. A. Salvatore.  It was really good and I am looking forward to getting to read “Exile” – the next book in the series.  One of the advantages to waiting almost two decades before starting to read a popular book series is that almost all, if not all, of the sequels have been written and prequels and corrections and all that and I get to just start at the beginning and read them as fast as I want without having to wait for another book in the series to release.

Speaking of books that we have been waiting for for a long time, Sue Grafton’s “T is for Trespass” is finally out this month, less than a week ago in fact.  Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone mystery series is our favourite series of mystery books.  We really enjoy them and have the entire collection on Audio CD.  We have been listening to them for years now and eagerly await each new installment.

Through a somewhat bizarre turn of events Dominica and I now own a copy of Super Mario Galaxy that we will get to pick up at Christmas making it, more or less, a Christmas present to ourselves.  So we now own the 3D Mario collection of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.

Oreo is having a great weekend.  Three straight days of never being away from us at all.  He has been sleeping and smiling all weekend long.  He is one happy dog.

Today was very quiet overall.  Eventually we decided to get another meal from Market City and settled in to watch the final two episodes of The Vicar of Dibley from 2006.  We just got the last two episodes on DVD the other day.  The ending of the series was good but definitely not its highlight.  It is sad that the show is finally completely over.  For years it kept lingering on with the hope of another show being squeezed in at some point.  While watching the show this time I realized that the opening shot (an aerial going down the M40 in Oxfordshire) was shot very near where Dominica and I traveled through.  I did some research and we were indeed no more than eight miles from that particular spot and most likely far less.  From my best map estimates it looks as though we were approximately three miles from it running roughly parallel while we were on the train following the route of the A4010.  The shot is taken near Stokenchurch.

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