December 8, 2007: Paper Mario and D&D

I had to be up before eight this morning as I had two hours of work to do before I could call the day my own.  Yesterday was horribly busy and I was stuck working very early until very late with no break even for lunch!  All I did was run across the street, grab a sandwich and run back to my desk to eat while working.  I was really burned out by the end of the day.  But at least we go to squeeze in a short Dungeons and Dragons game before the night was over.  Unfortunately I then didn’t get to bed until almost two in the morning.

I worked today until ten.  Dominica spent the morning playing Paper Mario to which she is now completely addicted.  She is about ten percent through the game at this point.  It is funny that I bought this game because I thought that it looked interesting and I haven’t played it more than two minutes but Dominica is completely addicted to it.  Funny how that happens.  It is good that so often we like games that are similar enough that even if one isn’t that interested the other often is.

Ramona came over around eleven thirty.  The original plan had been to play D&D again this morning in an attempt to wrap up the scenario from last night but Chris wasn’t able to make it this morning so Ramona just came over for breakfast.

We all ate breakfast downstairs.  Just something light as we decided to get a pizza lunch in a little while so we didn’t want to fill up too much now.  Ramona’s afternoon plans were canceled and Chris was going to come over in the early afternoon so we decided to try D&D then.

While we waited I did some D&D research while Ramona watched Dominica play Paper Mario for several hours.  I am slowly getting back into the D&D groove as well as learning the new rules for the new version of the game.  They are not too much different but there is some big stuff that has changed and it is throwing me off a bit.

Chris made it over around three and we were able to get a game kicked off around four.  We played for about two hours before people had to leave.  With our overall inexperience we started the game at the beginning of a battle and only got partway through it before our time was up.  It was fun, though, and by the end I was getting more into the swing of the combat rolls.

Dominica spent the evening playing Paper Mario mostly.  She is really enjoying that game.

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