January 10, 2008: Back in the Swing of School

Today is my work from home day.  Normally that means that I get to sleep in a little extra because I don’t have to commute (or get dressed or shower or…) but I got paged out again and started nice and early today.

As expected it was a busy day.  Tomorrow is likely going to be even worse.  Just that week.  Can’t be helped.

Oreo and I had a good time visiting all day.  He was definitely enjoying his sleep, sunlight and time with me.

I didn’t have much time to eat and just ran downstairs to the deli and grabbed a cheese sandwich.  I ran back up and ate at my desk while working.

Dominica went grocery shopping over lunch and stocked up on good beer.  Ever since our trip to the UK Dominica has been much more into beer than she was before.  And once we had Tetley’s Bitter at the Nicklin’s Christmas Party she has realized that she can get beer that she really like here in the US.  So now she is hooked on it.

Min got home on the early side today.  She learned a new way home on days when she doesn’t have to pick up Oreo which saves her five or ten minutes or so.  So she is getting home earlier than I would normally expect.

Dominica cooked stuffed peppers for dinner and then we watched a little What I Like About You.  We didn’t have much time to relax though as school is back in session and I had to do homework before it was late.  So I put in an hour or so doing homework.

I took Oreo for his evening walk and when we came back we discovered that Ryan had stopped by to partake of the beer selection.  So we hung out with Ryan for a while.

It was after one when we finally got off to bed.

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