January 9, 2008: No Title Again. Yeah.

In US political / election news, Hillary Clinton and John McCain were the big winners last night in New Hampshire. This, of course, proves to us the Americans don’ t know what they want yet and the road to the presidency is going to be a long one. No candidate has managed to come out on top in both Iowa and New Hampshire. This really sets the stage for some serious campaigning leading up until Super Tuesday.

I was pulled out of bed again today on the early side to deal with issues at the office. I got to spend the first several hours of the morning dealing with forensics which is one of the more fun parts of my job. At least it is fun when I am able to come up with a definitive answer as to how and why the system failed and what we need to do to protect it in the future. And today was one of those days so that made me happy.

My day was long, though, having to work from home for a bit of the morning after getting up on the early side. It was warm and sunny today which was nice but the wind was fierce and it made walking a bit difficult much of the time. I ate lunch at home, cereal, before heading to the office to save time and money.

I worked a few hours late today before heading home. Dominica decided to cook an Italian casserole tonight as she is tired of going out to eat. I will be working from home tomorrow so I will have a chance to get caught back up on the dishes.

I stopped at Borders on the way home but they didn’t have anything that I was interested in today so I just browsed and left.

Dominica made a crust-less Italian quiche for dinner which we ate around seven thirty. We watched more of What I Like About You with Amanda Bynes before calling it a night.

Tomorrow is a doggie-daddy day with Oreo and I staying home to hang out.

For dessert tonight we tried spotted dick – raisins in sponge cake.  It was okay.  Interesting I guess.

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