January 19, 2008: A Day of D&D

We didn’t get to bed last night as early as we had hoped that we would. It wasn’t actually until after midnight but we just relaxed all evening and I definitely feel better having the biggest chunk of my homework done for the week and not having most of it hanging over my head this weekend when there are other things to do. And my main characters are up to level eight in the Bard’s Tale now too.

This morning I slept in until almost nine thirty. Our bedroom was quite a bit colder than usual and my joints were aching. Oh the joys of getting older. It was just forty-nine degrees in our bedroom when I checked the digital thermometer. We have a temperature clock in the living room. It has the atomic time as well as the temperature where it is located (middle of the living space) and a remote sensor in our bedroom. Very handy as those are the only two real separate zones of the house. The rest of the apartment was a comfortable seventy-two degrees. So I left the bedroom door open hoping that the warm air would spill in for Dominica.

Min got up around ten and set right to work cleaning around the apartment. There is a lot to be done today before people start arriving around one in the afternoon. At a quarter till eleven I ran over to Airlie Cafe and grabbed us a late breakfast.

After breakfast we cleaned together and got ready for everyone to come over.  Ramona arrived around one and Kevin and Pam arrived around two.  This will be Pam’s first time playing Dungeons & Dragons ever although her brother has played for a long time.

We played a good long day of D&D going from two until almost ten when we broke for about forty-five minutes so that everyone could run away and take care of a few things.  Then around eleven or a little before we got back together and played again until close to one in the morning.  The game is moving along a lot faster now that we are starting to get a hang of the rules and of playing together.  Having so many new players and playing with a new set of rules significantly different from the ones that we are used to has made it a lot tougher for the game to flow along.

When we broke for the evening everyone decided to try to get back together first thing tomorrow (read: around eleven) to continue playing for a little while.  Everyone has other things going on tomorrow too but there is a slot in the middle of the day when we can all get back together so we are going to try for that.

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