January 20, 2008: This Sunday Sunday Sunday

We slept in a little this morning but couldn’t sleep much as we have the weekend Dungeons and Dragons group getting back together at eleven this morning. We got up and did a little light cleaning and the apartment was still a disaster. We didn’t get it clean but we corrected the worst of the mess.

Ramona was over first. We couldn’t find Kevin and Pam for a while so Ramona and I walked down the stairs to go find them. It was the first time that I have taken the stairs in our building ever. I have never even seen the stairwells. Not that they are exciting or anything. It was a weird feeling, though, to walk all of the way to their apartment. It really helps you realize just how close we all live to each other. It really is just a matter of being several dozen feet away.

Today’s D&D session wasn’t very long. Just two to three hours. Kevin hardly got to actually play any of it because his character, David the Gnome (a bard), got knocked unconscious within the first few minutes and didn’t get revived until the last moment of the our session for the day.

At five thirty I walked over to the NorCrown Bank building and met Susan to help her move some furniture.  The big item was a heavy, old filing cabinet.  That proved to be a bit of work.  While I was there I got a tour of the new New Jersey Symphony Orchestra offices that are now located in the NorCrown Bank building right across the PSE&G Square from our apartment.  They have a nice new office space over there.

The real challenge was moving the filing cabinet up the three flights of very tight stairs from the street to Susan’s top floor apartment in Harrison.  That took quite a bit of work.  But we managed to do it without hitting the walls even once.  That was quite the accomplishment.

We drove back to Newark and picked up Dominica and then drove down to the Seabra Rodizio on Route 21 just north of Raymond.  It is a Spanish restaurant that we have been interested in trying for quite some time but never think of when we are actually looking for a place to go.

Dinner was good.  I ordered a casserole with seafood that I thought would be safe but ended up having a disgusting half lobster in it (an entire lobster just sawed in half) which was incredibly disturbing and almost made the food inedible.  Susan was nice enough to pull most of the meat out of the lobster for me as I just couldn’t eat the meat and have gone inside a dead lobster.  I need to remember that Spanish restaurants are not places where I can even consider getting any type of fish or seafood.  If it isn’t pure vegetarian then it is out of the question.  But all of the food was really good.

We came home and just relaxed.  It was pretty late by the time that we got home and Dominica has to go to work tomorrow.  Oreo got scared while we were gone, it being much later than our usual dinner time, and he had an accident in the hallway so we had to deal with that too.  The night was very short and Dominica pretty much went straight to bed.

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