January 2, 2008: Turning Cold in Newark

Today’s Music: B. J. Thomas

Happy Birthday to Mary Johnston! After several months of not being able to reach Mary I have finally heard from her this past week. She is still living in Warsaw, New York and is now working in Perry at what used to be the Archway Cookie factory. I do not know what they make there now, though. Probably still cookies.

Oreo seemed to be looking forward to getting back to daycare today. He has been restless. He got me up at three this morning because he just wanted to go out and hang out in the living room for a little while. I was just thankful that I didn’t have to take him outside in the cold for a walk.

Things were extremely quiet out on Wall Street today. You could barely tell that anyone at all was even in the office.

Dominica’s day was really crappy. It was really busy at her office and her team was short staffed with people out and they were stuck training a new person while short staffed making them even shorter staffed.

I accidentally allowed my supply of caffeine at the office to run out. Oops. That isn’t good. The mid-afternoon drowsies will be looking for me now. Although it is probably best as I have been suffering from the post-holiday ate-too-much-sugar acid reflux disorder these days and I shouldn’t do too much to aggravate my stomach until that has been addressed a little more thoroughly.

I decided to skip lunch today. I had grabbed a rather hearty breakfast on the way in to the office from Airlie Cafe on Commerce and ate that on the walk in to the office and bought an extra muffin to eat at the office which I did a little before lunch time. So I wasn’t starving but didn’t get a lot of protein either.

I did get a chance to play a little Xplorers on AsoBrain today although I didn’t fare very well. I didn’t see Art or Danielle online though.

I finished “reading” Bill Bryson’s “Neither Here Nor There” between the commute in and the office today. That was a really good book. Next up is “I’m a Stranger Here Myself” which is his account of returning to the United States (he grew up in Iowa) after living for about twenty years in England.

Dominica ran out and did some shopping over her lunch break. She is planning on baking an apple pie tonight.

For dinner I am stopping at McDonald’s in Newark’s Penn Station and just picking up something simple. It saves a lot of time.

At Borders I picked up Ed Greenwood’s “Spellfire” which is the very first of the Forgotten Realms novels. I also picked up the 2008 Great Model Railroads “magazine” which has pictures from eleven of the year’s hottest model railroad layouts. And I got a “Level One” adventure for Dungeons and Dragons that looked like it would be perfect for our group to kick off with.

The walk home was bitter cold. I had no idea that the temperature had dropped so dramatically during the day. The temperature was only so bad but the biting wind really made the walk bad. I have to spend a lot of time outside on my feet and high winds make it very tough. The wind was so bad that I actually had to stop walking at one point!

I beat Dominica home by almost twenty minutes. We unloaded her groceries once she arrived and then ate dinner and watched the beginning of the eighth season of Full House. We are well into the shows that I have never seen at all which is weird considering how well I know the show in general.

Dominica baked an apple pie tonight which we ate a bit of later on in the evening.  It was a lazy night at home.  Oreo had a great time snuggled up in the bed.  He was so snuggly, in fact, that he decided to completely skip dinner and just lay in bed all night.

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