January 22, 2008: Back to Work

Back to work today.  It was great having a three day weekend without being on call at all.  I really got a chance to just kick back and relax.  But now going back to work is tough.

I am on Wall Street today and the day turned out to be incredibly busy.  But really, this is to be expected since I had yesterday off but the people that I primarily support are in the United Kingdom where it wasn’t a holiday so I have quite backlog of stuff to take care of.

So my day was crazy and I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch until around three.  I ran over and grabbed a falafel pita sandwich from one of the “Halal” trucks near the office.  (Halal is Arabic for “allowed”.  In Arab countries it is a more general term but in the United States it generally means that the food meets Islamic dietary restrictions.  Roughly analogous to Kosher for Jewish food.  Kosher is not limited to being dietary in meaning in Israel either.)  The food was excellent and quite healthy.  I will be eating that a lot more often.

I headed for home a bit later than usual because there was just so much to do and I didn’t come in extra early this morning like I often try to do.  So I started my chilly walk home around six thirty.

Ryan txt’d me as I was coming into Newark on the train so I txt’d him and Min to call each other and to make plans for dinner.  But Min’s cell phone was dead and the house phone was unplugged from my mid term exam yesterday.  So we didn’t manage to make any plans until I was physically home.  Ryan really wanted to go to Sculley’s so we just walked over there for some food.  Normally Kevin is free tonight but his schedule is all messed up because of the holiday yesterday.  Otherwise we might have attempted squeezing in a D&D game tonight since everyone else was free.

Sculley’s was much better tonight than it has been in the past.  Service was actually very snappy.  We were pleasantly surprised.

It was off to bed on the early side for Dominica and I.  I am going into the office nice and early tomorrow and I don’t want to be exhausted.

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