January 23, 2008: Errands and Wine

I got up nice and early this morning and was into the office in the wee hours of the morning.  It worked out well because it gave me a chance to get caught up after yesterday was so busy.  I really prefer to get to work early but it is hard to pull yourself out of bed most days especially when it is only for three days a week because I work from home on Thursdays and don’t get up until it is actually work time and Fridays are shifted late.

I had to run an errand this morning.  So I took a very early lunch and ran out to take care of that.  I am learning to get around Manhattan pretty efficiently now.  It is starting to feel more and more like a place that I live rather than a place that I visit. I grabbed two falafel pitas upon returning to the office and ate at my desk.  The timing worked out perfectly for lunch and everything since I was up so early and, for some reason, everything was exceptionally silent at work today so the early lunch wasn’t a problem at all.  (People expect you to lunch at a certain time and expect emails not to be returned promptly but an early lunch and they might still expect you to get right back to them.  The fact that it is early isn’t actually a problem.)

The whole day ended up being quite slow and I was thankful for the break.  I headed for home around five thirty.  I was in early but my lunch was on the long side so I felt that I should put in some extra time since I don’t plan to log in and work from home this evening.  Tomorrow is a work from home day with Oreo.

I got home and Ryan and Linnea came up to the apartment and we all ordered Nino’s for dinner.  Ryan did the ordering and totally forgot all of my food so we ended up having to place a second order once the first one arrived.

Ryan’s eyes were bothering him so he took off early as he is a little allergic to Oreo.  Oreo just wants to be loved.  He doesn’t want people to be allergic to him!  Linnea hung out for a while and enjoyed some Cabernet Franc with us and talked about D&D.  She is interested in checking out one of our gaming sessions and might want to jump in and try playing.

We were up a little late but not too bad.  Since I am home tomorrow it is fine for me.  Josh is coming to visit tomorrow evening so I have all day to clean and get ready.

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