January 24, 2008: Josh Visits Again

I got to sleep in a little this morning. Oreo stayed in bed until almost nine but I was working by eight or earlier. What a lazy dog he is. His capacity for “taking the day off” is truly astounding.

Last night, I forgot to mention, we got two orders from Amazon. One was a book order that I have had on its way for some time with cool D&D supplies like the Complete Adventurer and Unearthed Arcana along with two lower level adventures to learn from plus a Bill Bryson book, “Bill Bryson’s African Diary” and the fifth season of the Cosby Show on DVD. The other order that came was Dominica’s new handheld GPS device that she needs for her GPS and the New Geography class at Empire State. That order can overnight even though we did normal shipping. We ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday. Talk about service.

Today was quite slow at the “office” but as slow as yesterday.  I managed to get a lot of cleaning done around the apartment which was good because Josh Relyea arrived at the apartment around four in the afternoon.  We hung out until Dominica got home.

While I was walking Oreo tonight we went past “The Spot”, the new nightclub due to open in a few weeks on Commerce in Newark right down the street from us.  Oreo has been inside before a few months ago.  Everyone working there thought that he was the cutest and invited him in and gave him a look around and we chatted about what the place was going to be like.  So we were walking by today and they saw him and invited us in to check the place out.  It has really come a long way and is looking like it is going to be a really nice place.  They will have food and they have a full bar and they are very, very close to us.  Far less than half the walking distance that it takes to get to Sculley’s.

Josh wasn’t up for much tonight so we just walked next door to Food for Life to get ourselves a simple dinner.  It was good.  We took along a bottle of wine to enjoy while we were there too.

We spent the evening, what was left of it, just lounging around the apartment.  Josh and I stayed up until eleven or so.  Josh is taking off tomorrow.  He is just here for one night.

There is no Dungeons and Dragons game this weekend, we didn’t manage to arrange it.

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