February 12, 2008: Lot’s of Writing Today

Oreo made it all last evening and then all night without seemingly feeling ill at all. He was clearly very tired having missed one entire night of sleep and then having to go to daycare all day. This is going to be a really long week for him as he is going to have missed one night of sleep and will have a full five days of daycare. He is going to be in horrible shape by Thursday and on Friday we won’t even be able to get him to walk on his own. But he has President’s Day off with me on Monday so he will have three days to do some catching up on his sleep.

We all went to bed on the early side last night after relaxing most of the evening. We watched the first disc of the sixth season of The Cosby Show and then did a little reading before falling asleep. With Oreo feeling better I was able to sleep all night which I really needed. Yesterday was a really long day.

This morning I decided that going in early was a bad idea as things were slow and I needed to get enough sleep so that I could be actually useful in the office so I opted to go in at “normal time.” That means getting ready after Dominica instead of getting ready before her. Oreo also appreciates the company as he gets to stay in bed with me right up until he eats his breakfast and heads out the door.

I hit Airlie Cafe on the way into the office for some protein and apple juice. The air was brisk this morning but I was plenty warm having shaved my head this morning. Somehow that always keeps me warm. Too warm, in fact.

My day was quite busy. I had to spend a bit of the day explaining why Linux machines with tons of free memory were not actually out of memory. As you can see from my previous post I got tired of having to write the same explanation over and over again once a week so I finally just wrote a real article about it.

One of my colleagues is leaving to go work at another company in New York in a week so today some of us took him out for his farewell lunch just in case we don’t get another chance before he is done. We went to the Lemongrass which isn’t too far away. They do Thai cuisine and it was quite good. That really hit the spot. Crispy vegetarian rolls and vegetable pad Thai.

It was cold and wet as we walked over to the Lemongrass. The snow is really coming down now and there is a pretty good coating out there.

I stayed late at work today as the weather was really bad for driving and that way other people on the team would have a chance to get home without having to worry about the office. So I didn’t leave the office until seven. Dominica was already home for twenty minutes and had called to let me know that she had gotten home safely. Her drive was crappy but she only saw one car that had gone off the road so it looks as though there were no accidents on her commuting stretch which is amazing. She did say that my old route along Interstate 78 was backed up significantly. Boy am I glad that I commute on food these days. Especially in bad weather like this.

I managed to keep up on my homework before leaving so I am in good shape tonight even though I worked late.  It was a cold and wet walk home.  We were hoping that I would be able to pick up dinner from the Metro Cafe in the Gateway Center but when I got there it was almost eight and they close at seven.  So I walked almost all of the way home before I heard Garrison Keillor mention something about McDonald’s in the book “Pontoon” that I was listening to and suddenly I remembered that Dominica had said to get McDonald’s if the Metro Cafe was closed.  So I turned around and walked back to McDonald’s and picked up dinner.

I got home and picked up our latest Netflix rental from the mailbox.  Today we got Disney-Pixar’s latest film Meet the Robinsons.  We popped that in and ate our dinners in bed.  Meet the Robinsons was really good and we quite enjoyed it.  Not as good as The Invincibles which is my favourite of the Pixar movies.  But the storyline was really cute and well done.  And for once I was able to guess the plot long before Dominica did which never, ever, ever happens.

After our movie was just watched a little of The Cobsy Show and went off to sleep.  Oreo and I are still exhausted from Sunday night.

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