February 16, 2008: Addicted to Doctor Who

I was up at nine this morning.  Oreo was up and asking to move out into the sunlight.  He loves sunny weekends, no denying that.  Dominica slept in but not nearly as long as usual and was up around ten or so.

We decided to take it easy today and spent much of the day watching the 2005 season of Doctor Who which Dominica is completely addicted to now.  We almost made it all of the way through the 2005 season (which is also known as Season 27.)  Netflix is definitely awesome.  We are so happy about how well this service is working.  I can’t believe how inexpensively they are able to deliver this service.  Although one thing that people often forget is that delivering a DVD requires a lot of money for the postage and anyone who gets one can easily make themselves a copy of it.  But the Netflix download service is DRM’d and it is very difficult to copy and the cost of “delivery” is near nominal.  But you can watch the shows as often as you want so the usability for legal service users is far better through the download service.

We relaxed all day.  We also watched a little of The Cosby Show and the early 1980s classic Porkies.  Porkies is one of those movies that almost everyone around my age or so has seen and knows very well but I never saw.  Or if I did I can’t imagine when or how although the movie itself seemed just a little bit familiar.  Not a good movie by any stretch but one of those movies that people who grew up in the 80s just need to have seen I suppose.

It was a light day and for the most part we did nothing.  I did have some changes going on at the office that I needed to pay attention to and that kept us from even considering doing anything strenuous today which actually worked out well.

Pretty boring day, really, nothing much to tell.

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