February 17, 2008: Another Dr. Who Day

No sun today for Oreo. He was not very happy about that. He looks forward to lounging in the sunlight on his lazy Sundays.

We finished watching the first season of the new Doctor Who. After that Dominica decided that she wanted to get to know some of the older, classic episodes so we went back and started watching Tom Baker, Peter Davidson and more.

We did some computer work today. I have had some quick hardware projects saved up for Min so that she could get some hands-on experience on some commercial HP machines that we finally got around to today. So now my Windows XP desktop that I used mainly for remote access to the office has three times as much memory as before which really helps and it now has an additional half terabyte of storage.

I did a bit of work getting a middle-ages Compaq Deskpro ENS desktop installed and set up with OpenSUSE 10.3. Dominica added in some additional memory. It is now ready to go to the school in Castile.

We decided that today was going to be a blow-off day as well so we just settled in and watched Netflix (all Doctor Who, all the time) and then went to bed around eleven.

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