February 4, 2008: National “Call Out Sick Day”

Today is the biggest day for calling in ‘sick’ to work of the entire year. This makes sense, though, as yesterday was the biggest day for domestic abuse all year. So, one would assume, that after a huge day of domestic violence that lots of people are not in a good position to come to work today.

Dominica and I didn’t get off to sleep until around one in the morning. Somehow I managed to still get up at twenty after five this morning but I was pretty tired. Dominica was in incredibly rough shape when she got up at six thirty. But somehow she managed to get to work on time anyway. Two people called in sick to her team though so she is going to have a very busy day.

My walk into the office this morning had a little bit of snow starting to fall. The weather has been crazy down here. Snow today and the forecast is for sixty degrees tomorrow.

My morning wasn’t too bad but there was work to keep me going all morning. I actually had to do some sed editing this morning which is quite the rarity for me. Text processing isn’t one of my daily duties these days. Or ever, come to think of it.

I managed to get some more Brainbench testing out of the way today. Today I took Disaster Recovery and Planning which, again, I rushed through not paying very close attention and ranked fifth in the world with a Masters. I also took Web Design Concepts coming in at fourth in New Jersey but that is a far less popular exam.  My final exam for the day was TCP/IP Administration which I thought that I did really well on compared to all of the others today but when I got my grade it was very mediocre.  But, at least it is one more test out of the way.

Today was bill paying day as well. Oh the joys of paying the bills. But you can’t deny that there is a certain fun that comes just from being able to pay them even if it isn’t exactly fun to have to.

Oreo probably got to have quite a party at daycare today as the NJ Giants won the Super Bowl yesterday and many of the Giants’ dogs go to daycare with him. Although most dogs aren’t really into American Football.

Do any of you remember, way back when, when Andy used to run the website MyMiranda.net? I found a like to that on the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine today. That was a long time ago. The Internet is the new elephant. (I will let you ponder that for a minute.)

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. After tomorrow we should have a pretty good idea of what our next presidential election is going to look like.

I found the classic song Star Trekkin’ that I know from junior high school when Eric and I used to listen to the Doctor Demento show on 102.5FM out of Hornell, New York. Now this is some classic stuff.

We were hoping to see the price on large screen LCD displays coming down today but the unit that we have been watching hasn’t budged at all.  This is probably best, though, because I started researching the units a bit more carefully and discovered that the one that we were looking at while listed as 1080p is only a display of 1080p and like some others that we have seen is not true 1080p.  It is rather like selling a car with eight cylinders but actually having a four cylinder engine under the hood that drives the car and four cylinders in the trunk that aren’t connected to anything.  So now we are attempting to decide what model that we want.

We ordered in dinner from Nino’s.  Just sandwiches and cannoli.   We watched the rest of the fifth season of The Cosby Show.  Andy called and he and I talked for an hour and a half or so.  Then Min and I went to bed early.  She has been exhausted for days – probably a result of staying up until the wee hours of the morning all weekend and then attempting to shift back to work hours on Monday morning.

Tomorrow night we think that we have a Dungeons and Dragons session although that is not completely confirmed yet.

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