February 9, 2008: Working All Day

Oreo was “featured” in an episode of 60 Seconds.  See if you can spot him. I woke up early this morning. At a quarter after five I woke up and found myself not to be sleepy at all. I tried going back to sleep but had to luck. So I got up at five thirty […]

February 8, 2008: Dominica Finally Sees the Hudsucker Proxy

Boy was I tired this morning. Good thing that it is Friday. I am looking forward to having some time to get things done over the weekend. My class at RIT expects the work for the class to be done between Monday and Friday which is rough but at least it pretty much guarantees that […]

February 4, 2008: National “Call Out Sick Day”

Today is the biggest day for calling in ‘sick’ to work of the entire year. This makes sense, though, as yesterday was the biggest day for domestic abuse all year. So, one would assume, that after a huge day of domestic violence that lots of people are not in a good position to come to […]

February 3, 2008: Oreo is Famous, Again

While doing some other research today I came across a really nice Introduction to Cron for you UNIX users out there. And this page, which I have found before, on easy ways to do remote file copies via SSH. I wanted to get up decently early this morning, probably around nine, but when I started […]

February 2, 2008: Lazy Saturday at Home

I had to get up at a quarter to eight this morning to do some work for the office. One of the hazards of supporting London, Belfast and Manama is that anything that happens on the weekend is likely to happen very, very early. So even though I am working at eight here I am […]