February 5, 2008: Super Tuesday

Check out the Tron Guy. He is available to speak at your next convention.

Today is an amazingly warm day. Warm and wet. We are expected to hit fifty-seven degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon but the day is supposed to be heavy rain all day as well.

I stopped in at Airlie on my way in and picked up my breakfast. Then I walked into work. I was a bit too warm having warm just a fleece. I kind of wish that I hadn’t brought a jacket at all today.

New York City was a mess today with increased traffic as there is a big ticker-tape parade (read: litter party) to celebrate the American football workers union of New Jersey beating out the Boston office in the NFL’s inter-office competition. The streets were full of crazed lunatics prepared to get inebriated and trash the city. Getting to the office was a pain due to the presence of lallygaggers getting in the way and making even foot traffic grind to a halt.

I went to lunch at one of the halal trucks on Wall Street with some friends from the office. While we were out getting our food there were a couple of guys in Giants uniforms standing on the street selling bottle of Budweiser for one dollar per bottle. They were screaming up and down the sidewalk trying to get buyers. Very strange.

We thought that it was going to be raining when I headed for home but the rain held off and I had a nice walk home. It was quite warm. Very unseasonable.

The original plan had been to play Dungeons and Dragons tonight but our dungeon master was not available tonight so we had the evening free. So we called around and Ryan, Pam and Kevin met us over at Sculley’s Publick House for dinner.

We had the last of our older Amazon order come in today which included two movies: Bride and Prejudice and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.  We also had an eBay package arrive which included the Dungeons and Dragons resources Complete Warrior and Complete Arcane.

After dinner everyone came by and enjoyed some Abita beer that Ryan brought up from his trip to New Orleans.  We didn’t stay up late though.  Everyone has to be up early tomorrow.

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