February 6, 2008: Wonderful Wednesday

I was exhausted when the alarm went off this morning. It is amazing that I even woke up. I have no memory of having actually heard the alarm at all.

Today is exceptionally warm for early February in New Jersey. It was warm enough when I left for the office that I didn’t even bother to take a jacket with me.

I managed to squeeze in taking the Network Monitoring exam from Brainbench today and scored a Masters. I managed to tie for the twenty-ninth in the world ranking, eleventh in the United States ranking and am alone at number one in New Jersey by a fair margin including being New Jersey’s only master holder.

I didn’t really get lunch today. I grabbed a falafel from across the street and some French fries and ate at my desk while I worked. Today was quite a busy day and I was just running from one thing to another all day long.

I ended up working a little long today just because there was so much going on. But we have nothing scheduled tonight so this is my chance to do some homework and to relax. Dominica should be doing homework as well.

My current class at RIT has a semester paper due in a few weeks where we have to talk at length about the project management process for the designing and building of the RMS Titanic. I thought that this was a very cool coincidence since my office in Belfast is in Whitestar House, the office where Whitestar Lines designed and oversaw the building of the Titanic who was drydocked just outside the windows. So it is just neat to be writing about a major historical project done in an office where I have worked. I looked online and found a site with good pics of the office in Belfast that includes a picture of the actual office space where I worked. You can see where I sat in the back corner as well.

Dominica cooked dinner tonight.  It was eggplant and couscous.  We watched Family Guy’s Blue Harvest while we ate.  It was short and after that we decided that we just wanted to relax so we watched Jhoom Barabar Jhoom which got weak reviews at the office but we enjoyed it.

Dominica went right to bed from there but I had some homework that had to be done before I could call it a night.  I fed Oreo, did my homework and then went to bed.  Tomorrow is doggie-daddy day and I will be working from home.  Oreo was tired this morning and is ready to spend a day sleeping.  Tomorrow night Dominica and I are going to NJPAC to see a musical.  We have season tickets now and this will be our first time getting to use them.

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