March 21, 2008: Good Friday

We felt like we were really sleeping in this morning but, in reality, we were up at eight thirty.  Not much of “sleeping in late.”  Strange how your perceptions of these things change as you get older.

We spent the morning packing.  We have a lot of stuff that we are taking to Frankfort to switch over to my dad when he comes up there to visit tomorrow.  Our living room and our bedroom have been piled up with stuff just waiting to be transported for months now.  The winter months really prevent us from being able to move stuff around effectively at all.  This is going to be our first trip to visit anyone in New York since Christmas!

We got onto the road around two in the afternoon.  This is our first long-distance trip using the new GPS unit instead of just using it around New Jersey.  We didn’t really need it since we know the entire route very well.  But having it was really neat because we could see the map moving by as we drove and it provided us with an extremely accurate and up-to-date time estimate for our arrival in Frankfort.  Or it would have if we didn’t have to make two bathroom breaks for Dominica and an emergency stop for more fuel at the Iroquois station just outside of Herkimer.  It was almost exactly six when we arrived at the Toccos’.

Everyone went out to the Kitlas in Utica for dinner.  That is the Toccos’ equivalent of the Omega Grill for us in Geneseo.  We ate and them went back to the house.  Oreo and Dexter haven’t seen each other for months so they were playing quite a bit.

Joe, Dominica’s father, Min and I sat down and played a little Munchkin Cthulhu before going to bed.  We only made it through about half of a game, though, because everyone was so tired.  Tomorrow dad is coming out to visit and both Dominica and I have our weekend homework to do.

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  1. HI Scott and Min! I keep getting my emails to you sent back- just wanted to let you know that Lilly Allison Relyea was born last Wed. Evening. I’ve updated my Myspace page with info and pictures!

    Hope to see you soon!

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