March 24, 2008: Surprise Trip to Warren

When I got up this morning I thought that I was going into Wall Street to work but after being awake and realizing that today was my only day all week to go into Warren and that one of my colleague whom I have not yet met was down from Toronto working in Warren all week I decided that I needed to head out into rural New Jersey.  So I got ready as quickly as I could and walked up to the Broad Street NJ Transit train station and road out to Summit to catch the company shuttle.

I finished reading “The Art of Project Management” this morning which I thought that I would never get through.  That is a really long book.  I started reading “Interface Oriented Design” which is much shorter and I made appreciable progress through just while riding the train and shuttle today.

Work was really slow today as it is Easter Monday which is a bank holiday in both the United Kingdom and Switzerland so the foreign exchange was closed leaving me without much work.  Some of us went out to Bombay for lunch which was nice as living in Newark makes it difficult to get good Indian food.  We just haven’t managed to find any restaurants around here.  Very frustrating.

I grabbed the five o’clock shuttle back to Summit and the Hoboken train back to Newark.  Dominica went grocery shopping after work and was a long way behind me getting home.  Ramona txt’d me while I was on the train as she was getting dinner at Food for Life.  Ryan tried to get a hold of us for dinner as well but Ramona beat him by just four minutes.  We are popular tonight.  Dominica wasn’t feeling very hungry and wasn’t going to make it home for a while so I walked down to Food for Life and met Ramona there for dinner.

Dominica got home tonight but was feeling pretty tired.  We had a pretty short evening.  She read her new “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” graphic novel and went to bed.  I had to take Oreo out and then got caught working for the office for several hours until almost midnight.  I am on the early shift tomorrow so I am going to be pretty tired.

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