March 7, 2008: Really Long Day

My morning started at four thirty when I was paged out from bed. I had gone to bed early last night after taking several evening pages and was paged out from bed as soon as I went. I had gone to bed early because I am covering the early shift today at six thirty. But since I was already up at four thirty and had lots of people looking for work already and I didn’t have enough time to sleep I just “went to work” and got started for the day. It was probably best since there was plenty of work to keep me busy and that means that other people were then able to work because I was taking care of them.

Recently, the gaming world has been mourning the loss of its illustrious founder – Gary Gygax passed away this week.

Today was incredibly long and very busy.  I didn’t get a chance to keep up with SGL throughout the day as I normally would. I ended up working solidly from four thirty in the morning until almost seven in the evening.  At that point Dominica made dinner and we just relaxed by watching the next disc of Doctor Who that had arrived from Netflix.  I stayed up until half eleven watching work email on my BlackBerry to make sure that I was not needed.  At that point I was too tired and just went to bed.  There is only so much that I can do.

So I am sorry that the update is so short and wimpy today.  Not much that I can do about it.

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