April 12, 2008: A Saturday Mostly Off

It was ten twenty five when I finally got home last night from the office. It is warm and humid and even though the temperature can’t be much about seventy I was really sweating by the time that I arrived back at Eleven80. There was a Jersey Devils versus New York Rangers hockey game at the Prudential Center tonight and there were crowds and crowds of people all over the Newark streets as I walked home.

Flat Stanley at the Belfast Cranes

I went to bed pretty much as quickly as I could after getting home. I was probably in bed around eleven or so. Our latest shipment from Amazon arrived with the first and fifth volumes of The Family Guy as well as classics Do Not Disturb with Doris Day and Come September with Rock Hudson.

It was a quarter ’till ten this morning when we finally got out of bed and raced to get ready to meet Ramona for breakfast. We were running a bit late so Ramona came up to meet us in the apartment. It is a busy day with Dominica having homework and a dentist appointment, Ramona has to go into Manhattan for work and I have work and homework to do so breakfast was pretty quick. I walked Oreo while the girls went to Airlie Cafe to pick up the food and bring it back to the apartment. We didn’t have a chance to actually go there to eat as I was scheduled for actual work between ten and eleven this morning and my accountant was looking for me. Ah the weekend. It really just flows into the week. It especially does on days when Dominica needs to go somewhere and I have several coworkers actually in the office working and there is constant support work going on. It feels just like a regular work from home day.

While I was out walking Oreo I ran into someone from Food for Life driving a new FFL vehicle. On the FFL vehicle was advertising mentioning the Newark and Harlem locations. So I stopped the guy as he was getting out of the car and asked about the Harlem location. Up until now I thought that I knew all of their locations (Kansas City, Dayton, Atlanta, Columbia and Newark.) It turns out that the Harlem location is slated to open in about a week and is supposed to be really nice. So I am going to have to go over there and check it out.

The weather is pleasant today but extremely hazy (read: smog) and taking pictures is not really feasible. Nothing will turn out well. So we are stuck holding out until tomorrow to try taking Flat Stanley around Newark.

I did a couple of hours of work today.  There has been so much to do recently.  I am really getting burned out.

Min and I took most of the day off and relaxed.  I really needed to take some time off.  I just couldn’t keep working so much this week.  After doing a fifteen hour day yesterday I was just exhausted.

We watched a bit of the first two seasons of The Family Guy which arrived from Amazon yesterday.

Flat Stanley has a really cool Flickr map.  Just two locations on it right now but soon there will be many more.

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