April 13, 2008: Big Homework Day

Today is my big homework day.  Homework and a bit of office work as well.  I slept in quite a bit this morning which I really needed.  Dominica was actually up a bit before me and was hungry and waiting to get lunch by the time that I woke up.

Flat Stanley in Newark

We decided to head down to the diner that we like in Elizabeth, NJ for lunch because we both really just needed something different for a change.  We have become so bored with Newark food.  Being vegetarians limits your food selection so much when you have almost nothing but quick lunch places around that it really wears on you.

Dominica took our print out of Flat Stanley from Iuka, Mississippi and we glued him onto cardboard and she coloured him in so that it would be easier to take him around sight-seeing.  The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow so Stanley is riding in on the train with me to New York City.

We called Ramona and she had just woken up and was ready for food too so the timing was perfect.  We all got ready and then Min, Oreo and I drove over to the Ironbound and picked up Ramona and then drove down to Elizabeth.

It was nice to get lunch someplace different and the weather is pretty nice today too.  We were really needing a change of pace.

Ramona had plans to hang out with some other friends from Eleven80 today so she rode back to there with us after lunch and hung out until she went to visit with them.  While she was over I was stuck working on homework and other stuff – never any real time off.  We did take the Flat Stanley that Dominica coloured this morning and shot some pics of him looking out onto Manhattan from our apartment.  The Nikon D50 with its flash was able to capture both Stanley up close and Manhattan miles away.

Flat Stanley Checking Out Manhattan from Newark

My evening was, unfortunately, spent doing nothing but homework.  I spent hours getting ready to hand in my project for the week just to discover that there was some ambiguity in the instructions and that everyone who had handed in already and taken them more literally than they were supposed to and we all had to do the work over again.  So that took my busy night from “quite busy” to “homework panic.”  I ended up doing homework and office work until one in the morning.  I am going to be tired tomorrow.

OSNews has The Ten Most Beautiful Computers.  Good reading.  I don’t totally agree with the list – the Sony PlatStatin 2, Sun PizzaBox and the NextCube are all strange entries, in my opinion, and the Mac Mini’s absence seems strange.  The Mac Mini, I think, should be ranked extra high for being the most mainstream of all of the truly impressively beautiful computers over the years.  Many of the machines on the list are niche like the BeBox, just 1,800 units ever.  But the Mac Mini is a strong seller and I know at least three people who have them personally and I am planning to buy my second quite soon.  And, honestly, if the PlatStation 2 is going to be considered then the AppleTV should be considered as well.  As far as game consoles go, the Nintendo Wii must be the best looking of all of the consoles over the years.

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