April 2, 2008: Nothing Exciting Today

I worked at home until midnight last night. I went to bed when I was just too exhausted to be of any use. I took Oreo for a late night walk outside and discovered that it was raining. Raining quite hard in fact, but it didn’t start until the moment that Oreo and I went outside. Very bad timing. Oreo was quite unhappy about the situation and attempted to avoid his walk but it had to be done so we just stayed out there and got wet and cold.

I actually got myself up nice and early this morning. I have no idea how I managed to do that. I got up at a quarter after five and got into the shower and started the day. The walk into the office on Wall Street was very nice today. The sun was out and the air temperature was pretty nice. The wind was a bit much but not all that bad.

My morning ended up being pretty crazy. I had been watching my BlackBerry all morning on the way in and I was thinking that yesterday’s slowness was going to roll on over into today but that didn’t happen at all. Instead my morning was bonkers and I didn’t really get a chance to get up from my desk to do anything until a bit after two when I finally ran out to get myself a falafel pita sandwich just outside the building. If you follow that link to Google Maps’ street view you can’t see the falafel guys because they aren’t there but the white car is parked where my falafel guys park during business hours. Just north-east a few feet of the Wall St. – Water St. intersection.

My afternoon wasn’t so bad. Still kept me busy but things slowed down to a little more normal pace. I worked until normal time for a change and then stopped by Borders quickly on the way home and picked up a couple books. One for Min and the “Python Phrasebook” for myself.

We kind of skipped dinner tonight. I just had a bowl of cereal because I had left the “milk” out and it will go bad if I don’t drink it all right away. It isn’t real milk, just soy milk. So it doesn’t spoil like real milk nor is it nasty when it does. So not such a big deal. And we go through it very quickly anyway. Dominica drinks real milk for calcium. I stick to soy for lower cholesterol – and I just like it better.

Tonight was a homework night. I did Java programming all night and have that piece of my homework that is due on Friday completed. Now I just need to do the modeling piece tomorrow and I will be all set. I can’t do any on Friday as I always work late on Fridays and there is just no way to guarantee that I will be able to hand it in if I wait until then.

I went to bed and watched some of Allo, Allo to catch up with where Dominica was in the series. I will be working from home tomorrow.

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