April 3, 2008: Vista SP1 Day

If you like IHOP, you’ll love SpyHop!

Today is my work from home day and I am taking advantage of it to do the Vista Server Pack 1 update on Dominica’s HP Compaq 6515b laptop. It is a pretty major change and includes the kernel change syncing Vista with Windows Server 2008. So I am very interested to see how the performance improvements are and how the file copy issue has been addressed. That has been affecting me so I was anxious to get SP1 put into place.

Dominica went shopping today at Target and picked up the eighth and final season of That 70s Show. I am pretty sure that I have only seen half of one episode out of this entire season and she doesn’t think that she has seen a single episode. So this will be a nice treat. The other seven seasons have been almost entirely “reruns” for us. It isn’t very often that we actually watch something that is completely “new”. Although we are wondering how good the final season is going to be. The show has been winding down and with Topher Grace gone in the final season we are wondering what they plan to do with the show to keep it going.

It was a another busy day at the office. I did manage to do just a little bit of cleaning around the apartment as well. It really needed it. I seem to be spending just tons of time taking care of all of the cleaning. I can’t believe how often dishes need to be done, for example. I run the dishwasher every couple days and it is always half full of Oreo’s dishes. He goes through more dishes than Dominica and I combined, literally. He generated three or four pairs of plastic containers and lids per day, two food dishes per week and all of his food prep dishes once a week. It’s crazy.

Dominica got home and whipped up a vegetable stir-fry in an Indian coconut curry sauce. It was really good. No time for me to relax tonight, though, I have to do Object Technologies homework so that is my whole evening right there. Not fun but it has to be done. No way to put it off until tomorrow.

Before getting a chance to actually shut down for the night I was paged out for a small issue around twenty until midnight.  It is really tough to get any momentum going on homework – let me tell you.

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