April 4, 2008: Nothing to See Here

Wet and rainy in New Jersey today. It is surprisingly warm today. Much warmer than I was anticipating and I had to carry my fleece most of the way to the office. It is Friday so I get to go in a little late although I am sure that it will be a busy day overall. I ate breakfast at Airlie Cafe on my way in this morning.

I finished reading the Pragmatic Programmers’ “Interface Oriented Design” this morning.  I suppose that now I should move on to reading my textbook again.

My day was mostly uneventful. Just normal work stuff. I am wearing a new shirt today though. It is blue. I like it. Poplin.

It was pretty late when I finally got the chance to leave the office. A little after eight. We had late deployments and a few problems that needed to be resolved before calling it an evening. I ate dinner at Steve’s Pizza just off of Cedar in Manhattan on my way home to save time.

It was after nine when I got home. We stayed up and watched some of the eighth season of That 70s Show and then we were off to bed. Tomorrow is an all homework day for both of us.

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