April 8, 2008: Dunecat and Homework

Today’s post is brought to you by Frank Herbert’s DuneCat.

I am starting to get into the early morning groove again.  I have been doing it for three weeks now.  One of those weeks was on accident.

Oreo stayed home with me today.  He was confused about being home on a Tuesday but happy to have extra time in the sun.  His ideal week would be going to daycare on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and sleeping the rest of the time.  He is on a little bit of a diet these days as he has been putting on some extra weight recently due to all of the cookies that he has been convincing people to give him and the extra meal that he has been getting from us.  So we are cutting back.  We expect that he will slim right down again.

Here is how to cut costs when there is an energy crisis, it isn’t just about public transportation but about getting the maximum amount of people moved around for the least amount of power spent.  Super Efficient Trains.

Dominica got home and we ordered in from Nino’s which we haven’t had in a while.  We watched one episode of Doctor Who which we have from Netflix while we ate.

I spent the rest of the evening working on homework.  It isn’t officially due until tomorrow but I never know how much free time I am going to have and it is always possible that I will lose an entire evening without warning so I can’t really let homework go until the last minute without taking risks.  So I stayed up until midnight getting my homework completed and submitted.  I was really tired when I finally got the chance to head off to bed.

Today Dominica found a house in Amhert, New York that she really likes and is very excited about.  It would take a lot for us to be able to get it, though, so it seems incredibly unlikely at this point.  But we will see.

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