April 7, 2008: Tax Day

Oreo was really restless last night and that, of course, means that I got a broken night of sleep as well since every time he moves around I wake up.  I had to be up at six thirty as I am doing the early morning coverage at the office this week – and potentially for several weeks going forward.  The future early mornings haven’t been decided but this week definitely I am on early all week.

Today is a big “get stuff done around the house” day.  I did the dishes and got the kitchen cleaned up which had turned into a mess in the last few weeks as lots of groceries which don’t fit into our incredibly limited cupboard space arrived and as we had chair parts and mail to deal with all piling up.  I felt much better after the kitchen was clean and accessible again.

I did the bill paying today as well as the tax prep.  My taxes are sent off to the accountant so hopeful that will be the end of that.  I hate doing taxes even when I don’t do them myself.  There is just so much paperwork involved, and so little of it that you are supposed to have seems to show up.

I had a relatively uneventful day at the office.  I worked until six thirty when a project that had asked me to work until five thirty decided that we were done for the night.  Then I went out to Food for Life and got dinner for Dominica and I.  She was already watching Wedding Crashers on the AppleTV and so I finished that out with her before heading back out to the living room to spend the evening doing homework for my Object Technologies class.

Eleven80 had their NCAA basketball game party in the basement for the residents tonight.  I wanted to go as it is free food and beer but I just don’t have that kind of time to spend this week.  It is nice to get to hang out with the neighbours but, unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do with homework looming over me right now.  I talked to Pam and I know that Kevin couldn’t go until late if he even goes at all and I didn’t hear from Ryan tonight so there is a good chance that they weren’t there anyway.

Oreo has started a diet today.  He has been putting on some chub recently and he has been asking for more and more food and he has been convincing the Eleven80 staff that he needs just rafts and rafts of cookies every time that they see him.  It has all added up to our little boy being a little less little and we need to trim him down.  He isn’t very happy about the cut down in food but we need to keep him healthy.

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