May 1, 2008: Doggy Daddy Day

Happy May Day. Today begins what is expected to be the busiest month of 2008 for us (we think.) Although we know that there is a LOT going on in November as well. We don’t know exactly what is happening in November but a lot, for sure. For example, on November 1st we will be living somewhere. We just have no idea where. We don’t even know which state or metro area.

Today is a Thursday so it is Oreo and my regular doggy – daddy day. There was some nice sun this morning so Oreo got a chance to do his lounge thing for a couple of hours before the drear set in a little after lunch.

The spider mites have all but killed my awesome ivy plant that I loved so much. It was so alive and vibrant when we first got it. It was the shining star of our houseplants and now it is brown and almost dead. It is very sad. I am doing what I can to save it but so far my progress as been one step forward and five steps back.

I continued my Handbrake conversion frenzy today keeping all three machines working throughout the day. I am sure that this amount of continuous conversions is going to show up on my next electric bill. I am almost to the point where I need to invest in a dedicated, screaming fast quad-core machine just to do this all of the time. Something with multiple hard drives in a RAID 0 configuration to handle the massive I/O load that I am putting on all of these machines. As it is I am using five spindles between the three machines to even out the I/O as much as possible. I really wish that the x264 library had code to offload floating point processing to a GPU like the CUDA libraries can do with nVidia GPUs. Then i would just get a nice nVidia GPU and have one machine that ate VOBs for breakfast. (And poops MP4s to carry the analogy to its fullest extent.)

Today was another crazy day for me. One of those days where I was really feeling extremely worn out by the end of the day and just really want to collapse. But I don’t get to do that because I have homework and other stuff that needs to be done tonight so I am stuck awake until midnight at the very earliest.

Dominica wanted food from the deli downstairs again so we ordered from there and watched a little What I Like About You. Then she was off to bed and I was off to do homework.

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