April 30, 2008: Site Down Most of the Day

Our hosting service at Burst was out most of the day so people coming to visit SGL were mostly presented with a blank screen all day.  To make matters worse that meant that my email and many other things were gone all day as well.  We are really getting fed up with the amateur network antics at Burst and I am going to figure out some other hosting strategy because no amount of “cost effective” is worth being down all of the time and this happens far too frequently.  This is not something that I wanted to deal with right now but it looks like I am going to have to since they just cannot be trusted to do their one job – provide reliability.

Today was a day at home.  Oreo stayed home with me which was nice.  The weather has been a little colder since our “early summer” spell that we had there for a few days.

It was a heavy work day.  I was exhausted after having pushed through until three in the morning last night.  So I was home because I needed a chance to do some catchup on my sleep.  Oreo was very surprised when we didn’t have to get out of bed this morning until later than usual.  But no complaints from Mr. Snuggles.

When Dominica got home we got food from the deli downstairs and just watched a little What I Like About You before she went to bed and I stayed up late working on one project or another.  I have been really busy this week.

Today was a very heavy Handbrake day.  I have managed to get all three workstations in the living room able to pretty easily do continuous compression work so I am making a serious dent in the physical to virtual collection conversion process.

We got a new shipment in from Amazon this afternoon.  The final two seasons of The Cosby Show, and the first season of The Love Boat and two classic movies: Move Over Darling and A Summer Place.

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