May 12, 2008: Crazy Weather in Newark

After working until a quarter after five in the morning I was awoken by the office calling me at seven past eight this morning to discuss the same issues that we had just left a few hours before.  So my day started early after having gone very, very late yesterday.  It is going to be an extremely long day.

I ended up working for fifteen hours today.  It was nine in the evening by the time that I actually managed to sign off and call it a day.  I was exhausted.

After working a crazy long day I tried to do what Java work I could on my homework before needing to go to bed.  It was tough to get any done, though, as I was so worn out and because Oreo really needed attention at that point pretty badly.

The weather was completely crazy today.  The temperature really dropped from last week and it was raining from about three or four in the morning and lasting pretty much all day.  For a while in the mid-morning I coul see snow or ice flakes floating past the living room windows!  The south side of Eleven80 was getting only light rain while the north side was getting a pretty serious storm.  It was very strange and had many observers hanging out in the lobby watching the fascinating scene.

Oreo and I went to bed a little early as I had pretty much no sleep last night and needed to crash.  So we turned in around eleven thirty.  I did manage to do a little homework today but not nearly as much as I had wanted to have completed.

Tomorrow Oreo is going to have to face being alone in the apartment during the work day.  He is going to be very upset.

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