May 13, 2008: Oreo’s First Day At Home

The weather is back to being amazing today. Warm and sunny. It feels like June outside.

I worked from home for a little while and then took Oreo for a nice long walk in the park to work “everything out of his system” before heading into Manhattan for the day. This is going to be a really difficult day for him being home all alone and not seeing Dominica in days. Because he isn’t going to daycare he has all kinds of energy too. He just wants to play and play.

It was a busy afternoon but I got a bit of work done.  I couldn’t stay late at the office with Oreo at home so I rushed home as soon as I could and wrapped up the day working here.

Oreo fared pretty well considering this was his first time home alone during the working day for a very long time.  I was really worried that he was going to be in a panic all day long but he appears to have done alright.  What a relief that is.  This is going to be a very long week for him one way or another.

I spent the evening working on homework and playing with Oreo.  Sorry to be boring but I am just way too busy to write more.

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