May 16, 2008: Awesome Pizza and Hope for Pastries

It’s Friday.  Because Oreo can’t be home alone for any serious length of time I am going in late and coming home before the evening deployments so that I can be with him.  Today is the last day of me needing to puppysit him during the day as Dominica is back on Sunday afternoon.

I met up with some friends and hit Adrianna’s Pizza between Pearl and Stone in downtown Manhattan.  They have some really amazing pizza there.  It was my first time eating at Adrianna’s but I will be going back for sure.

While I was down around Stone I found the Financier Patisserie that Susan told me about yesterday.  Apparently they are well known for having the best Parisian pastries around.  So I will definitely be checking them out very soon.  Monday, I expect.  I would have got today if I wasn’t getting pizza.

It was raining pretty hard and very windy all morning.  So when I got to the office I was soaked from head to toe.  Not the most comfortable way to work.  But at least I wasn’t too warm all day.

I took off just in time to walk in the door of Eleven80 to start the evening deployments.  Tonight was nearly as bad as most Fridays.  It was the perfect Friday to have less work to do to.  I really appreciate it today.

Oreo was very happy to see me but has now made it through his week of Dominica being gone and me going to work and leaving him home.  This is one of the most “alone” weeks that he has had since he first came to live with us a full three years ago.

I spent the evening doing some homework and some consulting of a web design test.  Mostly, once work was finally done, Oreo and I just relaxed as tomorrow and Sunday are going to be all day homework sessions and I will need my strength.

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