May 15, 2008: The Road to Singapore

Today is a very important doggy-daddy day since Oreo has been home alone during the working day the last two days.  He really needs a day of just him and I hanging out.

I had an appointment across the street at Qwest Diagnostics for some blood work at nine-thirty this morning.  It was literally right across the street.  From the time I left the apartment door until I was back in the apartment was well under thirty minutes and that included the time that it took me to go over to Airlie and to pick up breakfast!  Talk about convenient.

I did quite a bit of cleaning around the apartment today.  In fact, I can’t remember when the apartment looked cleaner than today.  I really got a ton done.  I have been cleaning all week whenever I need to stand up and get away from the computer so there was a lot of the basic stuff already completed so I was really able to make great progress today.  I am so much happier with the apartment after all of this cleaning.

Oreo was awfully mopey today.  He pretty much just flopped around being sad.  He never even asked me to play or anything.  I made him play a little but he wasn’t into it and stopped after a few seconds.  The last few days he has been very energetic but he just didn’t have it in him today.  It is very sad to see him like this.

In addition to the cleaning the “Handbrake tasks” that I have been doing are coming along nicely.  I have managed to clear off several shelves in the living room and have a huge box of physical media items to put into storage and safe keeping next time that I go home.  There is a good stack left to be tackled but I hope to have it all done by early next week.

Susan came over at six thirty and we had a pizza delivered from Nino’s.  She was going to bring pizza from Nino’s on her way over but didn’t end up coming from home so she had them deliver it instead.  The funny thing is that she called them to order but couldn’t remember my address or apartment number.  So she just told them my name and there were like “oh sure, no problem, we know where he lives!”  🙂  They aren’t even located in Newark but in Harrison!

So Susan and I ate pizza and watching Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in the 1940 classic The Road to Singapore which kicked off their famous “Road to…” series of movies often made fun of in The Family Guy.  Dominica and I now own six of the seven “Road to…” movies.  We just need to get Road to Hong Kong yet to complete the collection.  I really enjoy those movies.  They are completely ridiculous and weird but they are charming too.

After Susan went home it was time to get down to homework again.  I worked on my Java homework until after two in the morning.  It is going to be an incredibly long weekend of homework.   I have a little bit of office work to do on Saturday but it should be no more than an hour – unless something unexpected gets dumped onto me – and the rest of the weekend will be nothing but homework and spending time with Oreo.  Dominica is expected home late Sunday afternoon.

Oreo had me walk him after three in the morning.  So we went to bed around three thirty.  He was very insistent that we go to bed by that point.

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