May 21, 2008: Last Day of Classes

Only three and a half hours of sleep.  It was after three when I got into bed last night and six thirty when I woke up this morning.  These past two weeks are just killing me.

I got up and was working not long after seven.  Oreo is staying home with me today.  I did some bill paying today, some cleaning, wrote the last paper that was due for my class at RIT and more.  It was an extremely busy day.  I submitted the very last work for my class at five forty-five in the evening.  I am so relieved that it is finally done and that I can now relax.  I really, really need to take a break and just slow down for a little bit.  Too many things piled up and hit me all at exactly the same time.

Dominica made vegetarian BLTs for dinner and we watched a little The Love Boat.  I was sleeping by seven, probably.  I was so tired that I just couldn’t function anymore.

I will be on Wall Street tomorrow.  Winni and Ulf are coming over to hang out tomorrow evening.

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