May 22, 2008: Discovering the Financier Patisserie

I slept for approximately twelve hours last night.  Boy did I ever need that!  It wasn’t a straight twelve hours but it was a block of twelve hours of mostly sleep.  I got up several times during the night and a few times I was awake for a fairely long period of time.  At one point I even went out to the living room office and made sure that the computers were still busy doing Handbrake jobs.  But mostly I slept.

It was seven in the morning when I finally pulled myself out of bed.  I took my time getting ready for work taking a nice long shower to get myself back into “awake mode”.  I felt pretty good this morning.  Haven’t felt this good in two weeks.  That’s for sure.

I logged in from home to the office just long enough to get caught up and to make sure that no one needed anything from me that had queued up since I had gone to bed so early last night.  There wasn’t much to do, though, so I was able to head right on into the city.

It was raining as I went in which didn’t make me happy.  I am getting tired of being wet at the office.

Today was a rather slow day which was nice considering that everything else in my life is slowing down today.  At two in the afternoon a few of the guys from the office took a walk down to Stone to check out the Financier Pattiserie that Susan had told me about last week.  Even that late in the afternoon the place was just packed with people.  We got coffee (cafe Americano) and headed back to the office.  I got a “to-go” box full of awesome looking pastry items to take home to Dominica.  So tonight we will see how their food is.  It all looked really amazing.

Since the day was pretty slow and because I had managed to do the big evening deployments around five I took off for home at five thirty.  Winni called to say that he and Ulf couldn’t make it down to hang out this evening.  That is probably best as Dominica and I really need to spend the evening getting ready for traveling tomorrow.

We had vegetarian BLTs and pastries for dinner and watched the final episode of the first volume of the first season of The Love Boat.  Dominica did laundry and packing to get ready for the morning.  We have to be up extra early tomorrow so that we can get the car packed and get onto the road for work.  I am working out of Warren tomorrow so Min will drop me off at the train station on her way to work and will them swing out to Warren to pick me up as we head towards dad’s house in the evening.  We might be making a pit stop in Binghamton to do some computer exchanges as we pass through.  We won’t know that until tomorrow.

We finally got to bed around midnight.  We were pretty tired.  Dominica really did a ton of work tonight.

Oreo made me take him for a walk just before going to bed and then got me up at three in the morning to walk him again.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day after so little sleep.  Hopefully I can do some catchup this weekend.

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  1. Financier is pretty good. I’ve met people there for church a few times. What did you think?

  2. Financier is very good. Expensive, but it is on Stone, so that is to be expected. I’m not sure that it is the absolute best, I certainly prefer Patisserie Belge in Montreal. But for New York, it is certainly an excellent choice. Which location does your church use?

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