May 28, 2008: Sick Day

I wasn’t feeling too bad this morning when I got up.  I did some work from home and was feeling slightly under the weather but not really “bad” just not up to par.  I took the train into the office and was feeling fine until I had to walk from World Trade Center to Wall Street out in the sun and the heat.  I got really warm and the sun beating down on my already burnt skull was a bit much for me, I think.

In the office I was really warm and quite uncomfortable.  Far warmer than I should have been as the office was warm but not excessively warm.  Maybe seventy-five degrees.  Definitely not eighty.  But then around noon I got crazy warm and almost passed out.  I felt really awful and was unable to even look at my screen.  I sent a quick email saying that I was sick and going home and stumbled out of the office.

The train ride home was awful.  Trapped on the train with little air and the constant side to side motion was a bit much.  I had picked up a cold bottle of water just before getting onto the train and I sipped that the whole ride home and that got me through.

Once I got back to Eleven80 and turned on the air conditioning I started to feel much better.  I was a little ill all afternoon but it wasn’t too bad.  It didn’t keep me from working for more than the first hour or so.

I worked all afternoon and was feeling pretty decent when Dominica got home from work.  I did a lot of reading today which allowed me to be away from the computer monitors as much as possible which aggravate my eye strain which just makes things worse.  I got quite a bit done.

Dominica came home and we spent the evening relaxing.  It was a short evening and we went to bed quite early.  I think that a good night’s sleep will help get me ready for tomorrow.

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