May 29, 2008: Last Day with Oreo

Well I am finally all caught up with SGL posts. The past few weeks have really taken a toll on that type of stuff. But I am happy to say that today I am back on track and caught up.

This morning I finished reading “Agile Java Development with Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse” by Anil Hemrajani.

Today is my work from home with Oreo day. Oreo has been really exhausted and is really happy about being home today. He and I both slept in this morning making for a ten hour night or so! We both needed the rest. Then he moved to the living room and slept while I worked not asking for his breakfast until after two in the afternoon.

I ordered some new books from Amazon last night: “Java Persistence with Hibernate” (aka Hibernate in Action, Second Edition), “POJOs in Action: Developing Enterprise Applications with Lightweight Frameworks” and “Spring in Action, 2nd Edition“.

It is a really nice, bright and sunny day so I took Oreo for a nice walk in the park.  Today is my last day with Oreo until Wednesday night – a whole week without my little dog – so I want to spend as much quality time with him as possible.  It is very sad to have to go so long without him.  The original plan was to have him stay at Dominica’s parents’ house with Dexter for the weekend.  But then we realized that we wouldn’t be able to pick Oreo up until next weekend making us go about eight or nine days without him plus once we worked out the mileage and cost it is far cheaper to send Oreo to daycare.  The cost of transferring him involve twelve people hours of drive time and 880 total miles which, when factoring in gas and wear and tear, is quite a bit more expensive than four or five nights at daycare.  And at daycare the money is going to nice people rather than up in exhaust fumes.

Dominica got all of our dinner reservations for Walt Disney World made today.  We have reservations for Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Artist Pointe at the Wilderness Lodge and the Brown Derby in Disney Studios.  Boma used to be slow and you could just walk in on most days but since we have been telling everyone about it it has become one of the most popular eating destinations in Disney and is nearly impossible to get into these days.

I ended up having a really busy work night tonight so Min and I didn’t get to spend much time together.  We watched a little AppleTV and ate a quick dinner together but I was paged out during dinner and several times after we ate.  As it was I had worked solid until around seven thirty.

My “free time” ended when my networking team got done with a production issue and were able to help me with a networking problem that we had been waiting on all day.  So I got stuck working late into the night trying to get a machine fixed.  So I lost a lot of my last night with Oreo too.  🙁

I worked until one thirty and then gave up for the night.  Tomorrow is Friday and it is going to be an exceptionally long one for me as I have quite a bit of weekend work that needs to be completed and since I am gone for the weekend it has to be done tomorrow evening.  So my night is really going to go late.  Plus it is Friday so it always goes late.

Dominica and I fly out of Newark early Saturday morning so we have to be up around five thirty in order to make it to the airport on time.  I am going to be pretty tired by the time that we reach Florida.  We are guessing that we are not even going to bother going into the parks on Saturday.  We will arrive in Orlando at 11:30 in the morning and should be in the resort around 12:30 via Disney Transportation from the airport.  It will take us a little while to settle in and then we have dinner reservations at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at 5:30.  It could easily take an hour to go from the Wilderness Lodge to the Animal Kingdom Lodge so it leaves a rather small window to go to the parks.

After dinner it will be rather late for burning a day pass to the parks and so we will be most likely to just go to the Boardwalk and relax for a little while and then will likely spend the evening relaxing at the Wilderness Lodge.  It is a nice resort that you should, in theory, want to hang out at so we will give that a try.  The Animal Kingdom Lodge definitely came through in that department last year.

Saturday we are planning to be up early and to hit the Magic Kingdom first thing, I think.  Dominica has a pretty rigorous schedule planned for most of the time that we are there.  We have dinner reservations back at the Wilderness Lodge’s Artist Pointe on Saturday night so the Magic Kingdom makes a lot of sense since it is so close to the lodge.

Monday morning we are planning on going to Disney Studios which opens early that day.  We want to be among the first to ride on Toy Story Mania which opens this weekend there.  That is the only actual new ride for us this year.  We will have to do the Great Movie Ride while we are there – it is the one truly amazing attraction in Disney Studios.  Then at eleven in the morning we have early lunch reservations at the Brown Derby restaurant in the studios which is the best restaurant in that park.  The menu looks awesome and neither of us has ever tried it.

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