May 5, 2008: Working Out in Warren

Last night was a night of no sleep at all for me. We went to bed a little on the late side and Oreo was determined to sleep with his head on my tummy all night.  That didn’t help my insomnia.  I couldn’t move at all.  It was around twelve thirty, or so, when I attempted to go to bed.  By four I was already up and about.  So three and a half hours of attempting to sleep but no actual sleep.

I got ready for work nice and early.  It was handy that I was up so early because I was able to shower and get out of Dominica’s way long before she was out of bed.

Dominica dropped me off at Broad Street Station on her way to work and I got the early train over to Summit and the shuttle down to Warren.  I have barely been out to Warren at all recently. I tend not to go out very often because I am busy and it is nearly impossible for me to get any work done when I am there.

I didn’t get to leave the office as I normally try to do when I am out at Warren but as I get better at taking the shuttles and knowing how to use the train this is less important.  I am getting the process down pretty well by this point.

It was around eight when I finally got home.  I have a busy week trying to do some testing work early so that I can focus on my homework later in the week.  Less than two weeks until my class is done and there is a lot of work to do yet.

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