June 12, 2008: Moving Out (the Musical)

My desktop was finally repaired part-way through the day today so today is my last day at home this week and I will be on Wall Street tomorrow.  Oreo was getting used to this lazy lifestyle.  He isn’t going to be happy about having to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

We got Bridge to Teribithia through NetFlix today.  I am hoping that we can take it with us to Dominica’s parents’ house tomorrow night to watch there.  It is one of the few movies in the last couple years that I care much to see and if we don’t watch it over the weekend I won’t have very much chance to see it.

The weather held in the nineties again today.  Hot but not beyond reason.

This has been a big week for contacting people from my far distant pass.  Several classmates from Pavilion Baptist School, which I attended from 1981 until the spring of 1990, have managed to track me down online.  I think that approximately half of my elementary class are now able to reach each other.  My original class was just eighteen students in kindergarten and again in first grade with only one person changing between kindergarten and first grade.  Then the class began a steady decline over the years getting a little smaller year after year.  I think that there were about ten students left in my eighth grade class the last year that I was at PBS.  That means that we lost about one a year, on average, all the way from first to eighth.  So the group of us was pretty close-knit, as you can imagine.

Dominica had tickets to see “Moving Out” at NJPAC tonight.  She and a friend’s wife from her work were going to go together but her friend’s wife had some minor surgery today and it didn’t go as well as planned and she wasn’t feeling up to going to the show.  I had too much work and not enough warning to be able to go with Dominica tonight so she figured that she would be going by herself.

At seven I walked Min down to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center so that she could go to the show.  I got back to Eleven80 and fortuitously Pam was walking in the door on the other side off of Commerce as I came in off of Raymond.  We had tried to reach her but didn’t know her cell and the conceirge said that she wasn’t home yet.  I just walked over and gave her the ticket and she went right over and joined Dominica at the show.  It really could not have worked out any better than it did.

So I did some work through the evening while Min and Pam were at the show.  They really enjoyed it.  It worked out well as it definitely wasn’t the sort of show that I would really enjoy.  They both really like it, though, so perfect.  Min said that it was all rock music and dance with a really amazing live rock band performing which was the real highlight.  I’m sure that they were amazing but not being a huge fan (it’s good but I’m no fan) of Billy Joel music and not knowing any of the “story” songs that he has done over the years would leave me pretty bored not knowing what was going on.

We watched a little Third Rock from the Sun and it was time for bed.

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