June 11, 2008: Finally a Break from the Heat

Last night there was an amazing thunderstorm here in Newark.  All of the heat had so much pent up kinetic energy to discharge and it really put on a show.  It was pretty late at night when suddenly we went from calm and stagnant heat to crazy wind, torrential downpour and continuous lighting.

When the storm started, Dominica and I were in our bedroom watching DVDs with the blinds down when Dominica noticed that it was flashing outside.  We went into the living room to see what was going on and realized that it was lighting all around us.  We even got to see the Blue Cross / Blue Shield building due east of us, in the Ironbound, take a direct hit which was pretty cool.  The storm didn’t last too long but boy was it fun to watch.

Because of last night’s storm today’s weather isn’t nearly so bad.  It was a good ten degrees cooler today outside, which is indeed hot, but not the stifling heat that we have had the last few days.

My desktop is still not working so Oreo and I are home yet another day.  Yay!  He is still very tired and totally sleeping his days away.  He isn’t even playing this week, he is so tired.

Ramona was finally around for a change as she needed to run some errands in Newark so we did a late lunch over at Food for Life.  We haven’t seen each other in about a month or more.  Min and I have been so busy that we haven’t seen anyone at all except for Ryan whom I always run into in the lobby.  Our travel schedule has really put a damper on our social lives.

Lunch was nice but we barely were able to even squeeze it in.  My work kept me on a call for hours and finally I had to have someone else take over some work just so that I could run out to lunch at two thirty as Ramona has to be back to Manhattan around four.  She had to walk Oreo for me and everything just so that we would have enough time to eat.  Today might be the last time to easily see Ramona in Newark as she is planning to move out to Flushings in Queens on Long Island over the weekend.

It was another relaxing night for Dominica, Oreo and I.

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