June 25, 2008: Keep Voting for OrbTrak

Support Andy and vote for OrbTrak.  Voting ends on July 2.  That is sooner than you think.  Get out and vote now.  Andy is already in the top two contenders!

I had to be up nice and early this morning so that I could catch the train from Broad Street Station to Warren.  It was a pretty busy day in the office.  I spent quite a bit of time meeting with people today and doing troubleshooting.  Lunch was at a pasta express place just north of the office.

Mostly an uneventful day.  I managed to wrangle up a huge number of votes for Andy as we come into the home stretch of the Dice Tech Challenge.

Dominica got home  a bit before me.  Once I was home we walked over to Blimpie and got ourselves some subs for dinner.  Then we watched some Third Rock from the Sun. Min was asleep by nine which is becoming more and more common for her these days.

Andy and I spent the evening talking on the phone.  We ended up talking for almost four hours!  It was one in the morning when I finally headed off to bed.

Dominica and I are scheduled to go house hunting again this Saturday in the early afternoon up in Peekskill.  Hopefully we all have a better idea of what we are looking for this time around and will have a better lineup of houses.  We found out today that there is a massive pay-cut coming down the pike at my office.  It is already decided and in motion but has not yet taken effect.  We don’t know exactly how the rate cut will trickle down to me.  There is some remote possibility that it won’t come down at all and that the cuts will be absorbed by the system but that seems like a bit of a wild hope.

We were kind of hoping that we could get an LCD television (probably the Westinghouse 1080p LCD Monitor) to put into the living room so that Dominica and I could spend more time together.  We really like having our television in our bedroom but having that be the only television that we have of any sort is quite a problem, and since the DVD player and other devices all have to be mounted on top of a bookshelf it makes using the television for anything but AppleTV very difficult.  We actually keep a ladder unfolded in our bedroom in order to change DVDs!  At this point it looks like we will be waiting on the television.

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