June 26, 2008: Pound and Pence

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I forgot to mention yesterday that Oreo celebrated his belated birthday at Doggie Paradise yesterday. He loves parties at daycare in general but when it is his own birthday party he is just so incredibly happy. He loves being the special dog of the day and he really knows when it is his party. He wears his hat and sits so cute in the birthday dog chair. It doesn’t take much prompting for him to dive into the specially baked doggy birthday cake. We already have the new photo-collage from his party up in the kitchen. We have had the collage from his party last year up all of this time. As soon as I get the digital pictures from daycare I will post them up on Flickr for everyone to enjoy.

We had to delay Oreo’s birthday party this year – we normally celebrate his birthday in May since we don’t know his actual birthday but he came to live with us in May – because we were busy and traveling a lot during the time when we would normally do it and we were never sure when he would be at daycare. Oreo is most likley eight years old now. He doesn’t act eight at all but he is definitely slowing down and his fur is starting to take on quite a bit of grey. We were told that he was five when we got him in 2005. That would put him at eight now if he had just turned five right as we got him.

I worked from home for a little while this morning. Then I met Katie in Manhattan for lunch at a really cool British Pub at 55 Liberty in Manhattan – The Pount and Pence Pub. The food was good and the beer was great. They serve London Pride which is awesome. It is draught and not manual pull but you can only ask for so much in New York. We got seated upstairs, which is where you are recommended to sit when you look online, and we ate lunch in big, comfy leather seats. It was very cool.

I spent the afternoon working on Wall Street. Then a little after six I headed back home after putting in an eleven hour day since I started at seven in the morning. It is not all that warm out today but the humidity is really high. Not an incredibly comfortable day for long walks in the city.

I got home around seven.  It was a relaxing evening.  Not too much going on around here.

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