June 27, 2008: Hellbender and Mr. Bean’s Holiday

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I worked from home with Oreo today since I went into the office yesterday.  He was totally exhausted after along week of birthday parties at daycare – including his own.  And being eight years old, we think, he is starting to slow down and can’t handle as many parties as he used to be able to even though he still oves having them so much.  He is really enjoy his new stuffed present which was given to him in his birthday bag of goodies.  He has a stuffed present at daycare that comes out only at birthday parties and it is one of his favourite toys there so they got him one of his own to take home.  He loves it.

Nothing remarkable about today.  It was a very busy work day and I put in about thirteen hours which isn’t unusual on a Friday.  I had to work until fairly late.

Mr. Bean’s Holiday came via NetFlix today.  Dominica has been forgetting that she needs to manage the NetFlix queue on a constant basis so we keep getting movies for both of us to see instead of movies just for her since I don’t have enough time to watch as much as she does.  So once I was finally done with work we ordered in a baked ziti pizza from Eli’s Pizza and watched the movie.

We had hopes that Mr. Bean’s Holiday would be better than the ill-fated Bean but it was not to be.  Having the movie set in France added a flair of exoticism, I suppose, but that is about all that the movie had going for it.  The movie was weak and boring, but nothing that we hadn’t expected.  The Mr. Bean vignette style does not lend itself to full length movies very well.

Dominica wasn’t tired so we stayed up until around midnight watching Third Rock from the Sun.  I cracked a bottle of Red Newt’s Hellbender wine which was amazing.  It is one of my new favourite wines from the Finger Lakes.  Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to get anymore.  I don’t believe that they make it any longer.

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