June 6, 2008: Off to Ohio

Work today was busy.  It was a long day.  I worked twelve or thirteen hours as I did the early morning shift starting at six thirty in the morning and running until Dominica was home and we were ready to leave for Ohio around seven thirty in the evening.  It can be an exhausting life sometimes.

We hit the road as soon as I was clear from the office.  Nothing like starting a drive of more than seven hours after putting in a full day and a half of work!

The drive went well.  No complaints there.  We made good time even with Dominica’s more-frequent-than-normal stops and our eating dinner at a McDonald’s on the road.  I felt great, though, probably because of the four day vacation, and was able to drive all the way out to Alliance, Ohio without any caffeine and was wide awake when we arrived after three in the morning.

We got to the hotel, the Comfort Inn in Alliance, check in and got unpacked.  We were both wide awake so I read “Dreaming in Code” for a little while and walked Oreo while Min watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force on television.  It was around four in the morning when we finally fell asleep.

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