June 7, 2008: Long Hotel Day

I got up this morning with very little sleep and met dad and our cousin Bill and his wife Carol down in the lobby of the hotel to go out to Luna’s in Alliance for breakfast.  I knew that there wasn’t going to be very much time for me to see anyone today so I figured that getting up and getting very little sleep was the better option.

We had a nice breakfast and were back to the hotel around ten or ten thirty.  Dominica got up then and showered.  Then she and dad went to my grandparents’ house in East Canton for the day while I set up camp in the Comfort Inn to work all day.

I worked until just after six in the evening doing remote desktop migration support. I enjoy having a break from my normal work and doing something entirely different.  Even desktop migration support is fun and challenging and I am always learning new things.  The work itself was fine and there was plenty of time for me to just relax and read “Dreaming in Code” in between things but it ate the bulk of the day right away.

I hopped into the BMW, put the top down and ran from Alliance to East Canton over to my grandparents’ house where everyone was just about ready to sit down to dinner.  Min, Gwen, Monica and I sat at the “kids'” table and had Mahi Mahi that Gwen cooked on the grill and everyone else had hamburgers or something similar.  I didn’t get to visit for long because I was needed for more work.  So I was only there for about an hour and a half.  Maybe a smidgen more.

I worked from eight until one thirty in the morning.  What a long day.  I had been planning to just run back to the hotel, work for a little bit, then run back to East Canton for a fire in the firepit and euchre or something but dad and Dominica returned to Alliance around ten to call it a night.  So that was that.

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