Evil Petting Zoo [epz]

In 1998, Andrew T. West and I (Scott Alan Miller) sat down and formed a techno/ambient band called Evil Petting Zoo.  We were known as DJ Loopy and the Tour Guide.  Andy did the bulk of the work but we collaborated on all of the songs (except “For Me To Poop On” which was not written until 2000.)  We even got some radio play, thanks to DJ Layla, on WBER 90.5 FM Rochester.

The Evil Petting Zoo discography (if the handful of songs can be called that) has been available on the Internet for years but there has never been a single page pointing to them.  Of all of the songs, only the short DJ Loopy “Fritos” has been lost.

Download Evil Petting Zoo [epz] “hits”:

Download DJ Loopy’s “hit” “For me to poop on” is sadly no longer available.

Most of the songs are in much higher quality in their Ogg Vorbis versions.

“I’d like to dedicate this song to all the girls who work in the mall, at the ice cream stands, because they scoop their ice cream for me, and I like ice cream.” – The Tour Guide, Ice Cream Girls

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