June 26, 2008: Lazy Saturday

I found OniGirl using a pick from SGL.  I also found this site that I can’t read using a pick of 111 Wall St. from me.  The E-News Journal used one of my Wall Street pics as well.

Dominica didn’t get up until almost noon today.  She really needed her sleep, apparently.  I was up with Oreo around nine.  It was a bright and sunny morning and he insisted on going out to the living room to soak up the rays as much as he could.

I thought that I had a bit of office work that needed to be done this weekend but luckily the bulk of it was not approved for this weekend and I actually ended up having some time to myself!  I put in some time doing some web design that turned out pretty well, I think.  I do enjoy my occassional forays into the web design world.  It provides a much needed break from the command line into a world involving colours, shapes and composition.  It satisfies a certain creative need that I feel.  That being said, my favourite web design tool is vi.  Go figure.

Dominica did an install of Red Hat Fedora 9 on Microsoft VirtualPC 2007 today.  She hasn’t been working on Linux too much since we moved to New Jersey and she is taking the HP Linux 101 class online right now as a kind of “refresher” before she starts the UNIX Administration Certificate program at the University of Illinois this fall.  I did a few installs of Fedora 9 this past week just to be sure that the install worked correctly.  There is always something that you “need to know” like the noreplace-paravirt trick.

We really enjoyed having a very slow, not really leaving the apartment kind of day today.  I got a lot of work done and Dominica did a ton of laundry.  We got a chance to watch a bit of Frasier too.

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